About Clairvoyant, Humanist and Life Consultant

solution provider

My name is Dr. Chah Kunwar. I am Professionally & popularly nicknamed as ‘Wish’. I am PRO-AMERICAN Humanist & Professional Clairvoyant cum Life Consultant.

I am born with sixth sense, blessed with the divine wisdom and tagged as the lucky charm by the world around me.

I have came across few people in my life (well known and mysterious) who told me that I am incarnation of someone with very strong personality from the ancient world. I reject their claim as I love my scientific and normal life. But yes I found one claim quite interesting when somebody called me that I was  Bodhi Tree in one of my previous Birth. Lord Buddha achieved Bodhi (spiritual enlightenment) while meditating under the same Bodhi tree. I am not born in buddhist family but I have always found myself very close to Lord Buddha due to feeling of his divine presence in my life. So, somewhere I respect this claim.

My expertise is in Clairvoyance, Humanism, Solutions for confusion/depression, consultations for life/happiness, online advice, Magnet yoga, spiritualism,  paranormal work (only on consideration and special request), counseling and brand modeling.

I have done Phd in HR management, Master in Social work, Post Graduation in International business Law, Post Graduation in Public Relations, Full time Graduation in History Hons. from Delhi University, Studied English Language for two years from London University, ‘Learning, problem solving and decision making’ courses from California University, ‘Creativity’ Course from ‘The state University of New York’, ‘ Personal Branding’ Course from ‘The University of Virginia’

To further develop my skills of spiritualism I did ( course) Mastery in spiritualism and Metaphysics from The Thomas Francis University.

I was Founder Trustee of SAFED Trust (govt. regt. NGO in social sector) which is now taken over by indiaredefined.org and run by social activists of the same NGO (indiaredefined.org).

I have worked with companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Gramin Vikas Trust (KRIBHCO) (Public Sector Undertaking) and Media industry.  My professional association was mainly in the role of public relations.

I dedicated whole year in energizing my spiritual aura during my spiritual tour to whole India. I was blessed to stay in spiritual places like Aurobindo Ashram, Ram Sadhak Ashram during my such tour.

I am at present PRO-AMERICAN Humanist for eternity & Professional Clairvoyant cum Life consultant.

I help people as Humanist, Clairvoyant (solution provider) for confusion/depression and Life consultant for happiness. I counsel people suffering from any kind of depression at free of Cost.

People even call me yoga/spiritual/paranormal expert as per my work for them or their online adviser/counselor for the miscellaneous requirements. People say I look good so I can be Brand Model to take their brand to the next level with my looks & Energies. All my pictures in this website or related social networking sites are selfies taken while creating this website solution4soul.com

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