My second prediction

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This is my second prediction of nine predictions. It could take time to occur or vision could be blurred by other occurrences. It’s not necessary that my predictions will occur in sequences of the time when I have predicted them. This is my prediction dated 28.08.2017 at 02:37 A.M (GMT-4) New york, USA time.

“He is an Artist. Loved by fans. Envied by many. He belongs to entertainment industry. Blessed with the divine talent and born with the good fortune due to his good deeds. He works hard. I wish he escapes fatal accident. We should ignore our negative admirers to avoid such sad situations in life.”

I am not here to change future or destiny. It’s just we all have choices in our life. Sometime with good vision we can choose best or better.


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    My Second prediction also came true with the accident of Heather Locklear. It can not be exact so it should have been ‘SHe’ not ‘He’.