My second poem ‘GREY’



I wrote this poems more than a year back for the cause of humanism and london University exams. It is in record so I can publish it publicly. I hope my this initiative in form of poems as ‘God scientist’ help people to live normal life with the perfect balance.



An ash of leaf looks sad with the incident

Leaf was green and chirpy

Leaf is now grey and speechless

An ash of leaf leaves beauty of love


Emotions are sympathetic and

Sympathy tries to fool the bird,

Bird flies from the Sympathy

Bird evades leaf and sits on the flower


Bird is Jealous of flowers and bird,

Bird set leaf on the fire and burn the bird,

Leaf was white dove with the wings,

White dove is without wings of love


Fire is in the heart

Confusion with the different ashes,

He left the bird.

She hates the birds and flowers.


Tears of infidels rolls out,

Emotions in the sown and blown relation,

Cheating is with the smile

Deception of grey ash is pleasurable


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