My third Prediction



This is my third prediction. This prediction will definitely take time to occur and will not change in the future. This is my prediction dated 05.09.2017 at 04:20 A.M (GMT-4) New york, USA time.

“PETA people are not going to love this but for humanity, animal lovers will kill few diseased animal for saving humanity but it will disrupt ecosystem in the long run and extinction of beautiful species in the future.”

I am not here to change future or destiny. It’s just we all have choices in our life. Sometime with good vision we can choose best or better.


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    Maybe this event has not occurred till yet but chances are there in the near future. If someone know about such occurrence then they can always testify my prediction. I am not God or angel so my intuitions or sixth sense could be blurred as I am predicting things without any individual demand , target or any particular reason. If demand and target is clear then vision is more clear.