My fourth Poem ‘ BLUE’



I wrote this poems more than a year back for the cause of humanism and london University exams. It is in record so I can publish it publicly. I hope my this initiative in form of poems as ‘God scientist’ help people to live normal life with the perfect balance.


I am human and I am man

I am strong and I am hard

Patriarchal blames of the society

Allegations are shame for the humanity

I love my woman, who is also human.

Why all to be blamed.

I built tree with humanity as a root.

Why all to be ashamed.

Human species are different

Dogs with the different breed

But I am not always dog

I am the human for love.

Sky loves and wears blue

I am proud to be worn

Sky is present like almighty

My thoughts flow in the sky

Sky is sometime bright with the shine

Sky is cloudy with the shame

I disrespect and I am inhuman,

I respect and I am bright blue


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