My third Poem ‘PINK’



I wrote this poems more than a year back for the cause of humanism and london University exams. It is in record so I can publish it publicly. I hope my this initiative in form of poems as ‘God scientist’ help people to live normal life with the perfect balance.


Delicate feather is walking down the aisle

White roses are blooming in the white gown

Dove of emotions are about to fly

Aroma of flowers is sprinkled in the air


Roses are blushing with the pink tint

Her glow is carrying freshness of pink rose

Cake is looking at the people to be cut,

Nervousness meets togetherness


Her ankle is beautiful with the sound

Her heel shines with the diamond

Her Neck is beautiful with the motion

Her neckpiece shines with the shy


Feminine touch on her dress

Dress is touched by the wind of emotions

Day is bright with the nuptial knot

She is bride who wears pink glow


She is the lady from girl

She is carrying faces of relationships;

Wife, Mother and woman in the pink glow,

Roses are pink with the love and care.

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