Fourth Prediction



I took lot of time to reveal my Fourth Prediction. Actually my Fourth Prediction was supposed to be different and more clear without riddle like my previous predictions. I am threatened for life, I was threatened when I was running my NGO for doing something for the society. I was stopped but I took it in the positive way and I am happy to serve Humanity through my blogs, posts and website. Once I will get good support of Humanity in the form of followers to protect me from evil and sin then I will reveal my original fourth prediction in my later predictions.

So here is my edited Fourth Prediction which I am revealing on 12.09.2017 at 4:35 P.M (GMT-4) New York, USA time.

“It is indeed good news for future sufferers of one disease as nature and science brings them cure with their success in experimentation through amalgamation of Nature and Science”

I am not here to change future or destiny. It’s just, we all have choices in our life. Sometime with good vision we can choose best or better.


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