My posts with the same title and various parts will reveal dark truth of the brutal criminal society which is spot on the beautiful world. My own real life experiences which left me divine, virgin, human and created ‘God scientist’.

‘It was dark night when I decided to be raped by one stalker who was hired by someone to rape me. I was Virgin, young & my hormones wanted to experience sex but definitely not in the form of rape. I decided to be raped as that was my challenge to my stalker that even if I want to harm myself; God will definitely save me. He decided to take room in hotel/ guest house but miraculously he did not find any room that night. Instead of wasting time in more search, he unzipped his pant to rape me in his car. I was not ready but as soon as he tried to put hand over me; Policeman knocked the door of his car. He quickly zipped himself and rolled down window glasses of his car. He talked to policeman for unknowingly parking his car in the wrong place and cooked story to save himself. 

That stalker showed me his face after a week or more; He was wearing some kind of beads in his hand to protect him from some kind of paranormal thing. I found it funny when he indirectly told me that he was not able to rape me so definitely I had black magic in me to miraculously save myself. It seems inhumans can not see that God saves humans who are blessed or who love God unconditionally. I was thankful to God and my faith in Almighty just grew little bit more with the incident. Few more such incidents happened in my life but I was always saved by Almighty. This incident was bit traumatic for me at that time though I was not raped. I wonder that there are lot of women raped in the world. Most of the cases are not reported and if reported many of them are considered fake. So, What about those women? Definitely Rape is not reserved for women but it is for men also. Real men enjoys sex with the consent of her pleasurable moan not force which screams like ugly lunatic animal’


This is my real life incident where man in the power and good position tried his best to take me to bed with my consent. Yes, I worked for him so he tried to take advantage of the same but I concentrated only on work and rejected him for his perverted mind as he just wanted to sleep with me and had nothing to do with my feelings which I had for someone else. Yes, I had feelings for someone else at that time but man in the power and good position did not let me come close to the man whom I liked. I told person about my feelings but he rejected me as he was scared of the man who gave him work. I was rejected and hurt but I am happy that it did not worked with him as he was totally incompatible to be my man for his cowardness; I moved and lived my life with the smile on my face. That stalker always regretted his act and tried to consider me as his sister (That was weird). Even Man who hired that stalker always tried to be respectable to me later.( AT least he pretended so when I discontinued work with such people)

But what about man with the power and good position. He was not able to tolerate rejection from me, so he hired someone to rape me as he was not able to rape due to his social reputation and image.

What I learnt from this incident that men rape when they want to become rejected piece for women. I saved myself from becoming rejected piece as I stopped liking guy who did not reciprocated to my feelings for any reason.

Do not become rejected piece if someone doesn’t like you for any reason. Love womanhood and respect mahood. Sex is need of everyone. Make it freedom & choice not force & compromise.

Today also I am virgin & approached by innumerable guys but I have learnt from my life that it is better to be virgin rather than be with someone who is not meant for you and if by chance it has already happened then do not regret as even women want sexual satisfaction till the time it was with the consent of both men and women.

I live and grow every day in the hope that as a ‘God scientist’ I can help brutal criminal society to grow into beautiful world where men and women are equal as a human but love and respect their differences of gender; No matter even if he or she is queer; Every human should be happy and free in their own skin with love and respect.

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