My posts with the same title and various parts will reveal dark truth of the brutal criminal society which is spot on the beautiful world. My own real life experiences which left me divine, virgin, human and created ‘God scientist’.

“I met him for organising event for women welfare. He was my contact through one minister/Politician whom I met on the way to UNICEF office. He worked as a senior supreme court lawyer/Attorney who had lot of contacts with the high profile and famous people of the country. His tone changed after meeting me in the eatery/place meant for high profile club members. He started praising me like anything. He found me the most attractive and the most beautiful woman of the whole world as if I never saw myself in the mirror. I was not able to understand his conversation to organise women welfare event was leading to which path and all of sudden he said that ‘If you do not want them to penetrate then you can always use your mouth and hand.’ He even took name of famous politician/minister whose favourite woman in the bed was one Hindu Nun (Sadhvi). He tried to compare me with that kind of Hindu Nun (sadhvi) due to my love for God and GOoDness. I did not said anything till the time I did not reached my place safely. After few days I said what he deserved for trapping good girls in the prostitution. Later I confronted him of in front of others but he denied everything;  I never saw that man again in my life but something was revealed to me that people with power and position can try to trap innocent women in the prostitution. Couple of more times I escaped such traps untouched and approached for being liberal thinker with love for travelling all alone. I love God for saving me every time from the evil forces of the society.

By God’s grace I was saved but I definitely felt worse being approached by man in such a pathetic way specially when I wanted to do something for women of the society as a social activist and that event for women welfare was actually suggested by the same senior Lawyer/Attorney. Nobody even touched me but I felt worse for being approached by someone in such a way; I wonder what about all those women who are actually trapped in the prostitution by such people?. Sex plays pivotal role in life of adults. It is source of pleasure and bringing life in the form of family but then why people just can not understand the difference between natural death and murder. It is actually murder of humanity if you make anyone compromise with immoral methods like force, trap etc. God loves morality and in end it is always GOodness which wins over immorality of inhumanity.’


Today also I am virgin & approached by innumerable guys but I have learnt from my life that it is better to be virgin rather than be with someone who is not meant for you and if by chance it has already happened then do not regret as even women want sexual satisfaction till the time it was with the consent of both men and women.


I live and grow every day in the hope that as a ‘God scientist’ I can help brutal criminal society to grow into beautiful world where men and women are equal as a human but love and respect their differences of gender; No matter even if he or she is queer; Every human should be happy and free in their own skin with love and respect.

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