Yes, I am Virgin – Part-4 ‘Gay Right’



My posts with the same title and various parts will reveal dark truth of the brutal criminal society which is spot on the beautiful world. My own real life experiences which left me divine, virgin, human and created ‘God scientist’.

“I was sitting comfortably in comfortable clothes with my ex-Boyfriend in beautiful, clean place of western country. He was irritating me by saying again and again that ‘I do not open legs for him completely and that’s the only reason for his bad mood. I am perfect and best for him but he was waiting for the day when I will open my legs completely for him.’ He was further telling me that ‘He bought for me perfect dildo but still why I am not able to love him completely.’ He left for washroom and then one beautiful white girl with the perfect shape, blue eyes and blonde hair came to me. She said certain things to me but I was stunned as I was complete stranger to her and as she saw my ex-boyfriend coming towards me, she just said that ‘You are so beautiful and kissed me’. That kiss was divine and for the moment I felt that it was the best kiss of my life. I decided that I will part my ways from my ex-boyfriend sooner or later after meeting that girl. Not because of that girl and Not because my ex-boyfriend was big womaniser but I simply got scared to get infected by any sexually transmitted disease from him. He told me straightforwardly that he will continue with his visits to sex-worker or other women even after completely getting in relationship with me. I was comfortable with his infidelity as I want unconditional love not loyal dog but till the time he won’t have had bring any sexually transmitted disease at home and tell me nothing about his sexual life with the other women. Maybe lot of reasons but in end I was not able to open my legs for him as I was scared of sexually transmitted disease especially when he also doubted himself. It was mutual break up with good wishes for each other. Sometime two good people are not actually meant for that beautiful relationship.

I should better now talk about the kiss from that beautiful girl which I consider as my best kiss of life till today. I seriously think that sex is not the only thing in any relationship, Yes it is very important which you can get in the perfect shape from any good sex worker also. Relationship need love, care and perfect kiss which is not necessary you can get from the opposite gender so there is no harm in finding your perfect or imperfect love in same gender or both gender. If you are born to be gay, lesbian, queer or choose to be the one then it is your right to get married or have open relationship like any other couple. Love knows no boundaries like gender, country, race or anything else then why Gay or Queer rights are curbed by few man-made society?. 

I felt by myself that I was loved more by women in my life than by men. I am bisexual and I do not fear to accept the same anymore. It is my personal choice but as I am advocate for the Gay rights so I am open about my status. Sex is freedom and choice so let people choose their partner according to their choice. I strongly support normal treatment of all gays, bisexual, lesbians, transgender or queer in all man made society of the world. They are human and they have every right to find love in their own kind or type or choice.”

Everyone in this world got sexual desires including animals also. Even I have sexual desires which I satisfy with my own Yoga techniques and few more non-living things but I am still hopeful virgin who had learnt from her life that it is better to be virgin rather than be with someone who is not meant for you. I got nothing to regret in my life and that is the best part to be hopeful virgin.

and if by chance it has already happened then do not regret as even women want sexual satisfaction till the time it was with the consent of both men and women.


I live and grow every day in the hope that as a ‘God scientist’ I can help brutal criminal society to grow into beautiful world where men and women are equal as a human but love and respect their differences of gender; No matter even if he or she is queer; Every human should be happy and free in their own skin with love and respect.

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