My posts with the same title and various parts will reveal dark truth of the brutal criminal society which is spot on the beautiful world. My own real life experiences which left me divine, virgin, human and created ‘God scientist’.

“When I decided that I do not belong to only one country and I relate to global culture then I decided to leave country for my own goodness and to raise my voice as a humanist in global atmosphere. Even Malala is made and saved by western forces as she was not able to raise her voice for her basic education with the support of her father and BBC all alone, So naturally without support It was not possible for me also to grow in materialistic world of conservative society with my Wisdom and Divine blessings alone.

Earlier I used to get lot of local proposals but when I decided I want to be out then I started receiving proposals from Indians with American, British, Australian and Canadian citizenship. Most of them wanted to marry me and few of them wanted to have relationship with me through student visa. I rejected student visa due to innumerable reasons but I accepted marriage to go global. One successful Indian businessman with Australian citizenship told me that he can easily find girls over there but he want someone with character and their society is dismantling. I wondered this person loved his australian citizenship but only to use better amenities and resources of that country, he was actually not part of that progressive and beautiful culture. I would have also enjoyed sex with couple of people but I never found right person in my life due to my Origins; that is my real,  liberal, human thoughts against people who calls western developed countries bad due to their better human life in each and every form. Other person told me that ‘this white girls are for enjoyment, they are not meant for making family’. It was one of the worst inhuman statement I had heard in my life. There are people with Indian ethnicity and western citizenship who are actually not part of their progressive, liberal and beautiful culture. Most of them use their resources and bring dirt from their nation to the western countries in the form of marriage. I never belonged to that dirt so I backed out every time, they thought that I wanted pure sham marriage  but actually I wanted real marriage with real feelings, real relationship, love, compatibility and progressive thoughts which unfortunately I did not find in anyone of them that’s why I appreciate Great American President Trump’s all initiative as there are people from third world nation who brings dirt of evil, non-progressive and conservative culture to the beautiful society of America and other developed western countries. 

I gave up marrying person with Indian origin with western citizenship completely when one Indian American got obsessive for me, he threatened me with his end number of means for not marrying him. His more than 20 calls per day to force me for marrying him made me realized that even after earning American Citizenship and Good money in that country, he remained poor as he wanted virgin girl from India due to his conservative, non-progressive thoughts which never changed even after his more than 25 years of livelihood in the American society. . He got obsessive and acted like cheap stalker by abusing me, blackmailing me, approaching me with different names, different numbers etc. He misunderstood me that if I am virgin then I am a person with backward thoughts.

 I am virgin because I do not belong to those pervert people; I am virgin because I want to enjoy sex as freedom not as being a thing for satisfying only men’s desires; I need, love and respect sex so I am virgin. He totally misunderstood me. His innumerable lies, corrupt mind and my past experiences made me firm that I will never ever let any dirt of non progressive thoughts will ever touch me in any form; GOd saved me but I am left Virgin. My marriage proposals did not end in sex as most of them wanted me to save it for their wedding night as gift for them.

 I am liberal thinker who believes sex is freedom, choice and love so it can never see the boundary of marriage alone if it is with the right person. I was not rejected by even a single Indian with their western citizenship but I disliked them for their bad thoughts for their western countries and even for India; One even said to me that ‘If he have to find girl with western, liberal and progressive thoughts then why he will bring girl from India for marriage?’ I am human and this is my choice to love progress in life as it leads to better civilization in the society so why should I remain ignorant with the imposed conservative culture on me, Even if it was imposed, I never ate it but puke it and kept myself virgin, divine, pure from the dirt of conservative society which is filled with social evils in the name of culture, inhumanity and ignorance “

It was not easy for me to suffer from Indophobia for a while as I am humanist who loves humanity in each and every form but my experiences with inhumanity made me suffer from Indophobia. Thank God I love Indians too as they are normal humans. Just because of few Indians inside India and Indians outside India with their non-progressive ignorant mind and evil practices in the name of culture defame and bring shame on the whole society; But yes, not every human born in the Indian soil is bad and I am proud to be not bad. I have suffered enough due to my Indian Origins but even I have learnt lot from my origins to make human society better place to live without any inhumanity.


Today also I am virgin & approached by innumerable guys but I have learnt from my life that it is better to be virgin rather than be with someone who is not meant for you and if by chance it has already happened then do not regret as even women want sexual satisfaction till the time it was with the consent of both men and women.


I live and grow every day in the hope that as a ‘God scientist’ I can help brutal criminal society to grow into beautiful world where men and women are equal as a human but love and respect their differences of gender; No matter even if he or she is queer; Every human should be happy and free in their own skin with love and respect. 


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