My posts with the same title and various parts revealed dark truth of the society and this last post of this category will just add to my universal experience with life to be happy and to make others also happy; Voice of Humanist for Humanity; My own real life experiences which left me Divine, Virgin, Human and God Scientist.

“I was forced to go to school. It was before I changed my school. Failures, geek poor life, child abuse, lack of freedom, ignorance etc etc were reasons for such step. I was wearing school uniform as minor maybe of around 10-11 years. I had whole life in front of me but still I wanted to end sorrow in ignorance and lack of faith in GOD.I was child, ignorant and immature to take such step in my flushed past. I had blade in pocket of my school uniform but I found it more painful so I decided to hang myself. I hanged myself for more than a minute. I was choked, breathless, all darkness in front of my eyes and all of sudden I heard somebody coming to my room as I was getting late for school. That sound gave me power to come out of my unconscious state. I quickly cut the rope with the help of the blade which I had in my pocket. I was still alive and strong. It was like miracle which did not let me die even after best possible attempts. That’s why I am the best at solving sorrow as I tasted the same. I know what it is to be in depression and today I hate depression as I drowned myself completely in depression to know it’s all possible forms, reasons and depth of its ‘the end’. God saved me from death and crime not just one time but many times so I can only love, respect and believe my almighty for all my needs when I actually require my God near me. I am blessed and I can not prove it only through my Gifts but I know it, so I do not need to prove the oxygen which I breathe everyday. Poverty is happiness sometime but richness can be sorrow also. Sorrow is essential to know the true happiness. I know it all and would love to use best of me as God scientist with the help of my divine blessings”

I am thankful to God for everything in life. My soul is my biggest asset where God lives and where no dirt of any nation, society, crime or inhumanity survives. Definitely I have body which is born in happiness but poverty to grow as a rich with sadness. I know this statement is not easy to understand but real life teaches everything to everyone. I am thankful to my good genes which I pulled from my great great grandparents of Mughals and British origins with the short pool from the direct Hindu Parents. My atmosphere of tourist place was also wonderful to grow me in the wonderful person with the every passing day. I am still learning from my life but I can teach people from my own life to be brave, strong and HAPPY.

This is my last post of this category which I ended in suicide note to live life in strong and happy form with the renaissance of life. I live, learn and grow every day in the hope that one day I will be out of the inhuman society to express myself with the tool of freedom, experience, knowledge, Wisdom,  Divine Blessings and real me who is lost somewhere in this society where bad quantity is killing good quality life.

Today also I am virgin & approached by innumerable guys but I have learnt from my life that it is better to be virgin rather than be with someone who is not meant for you and if by chance it has already happened then do not regret as even women want sexual satisfaction till the time it was with the consent of both men and women.

I live and grow every day in the hope that as a ‘God scientist’ I can help brutal criminal society to grow into beautiful world where men and women are equal as a human but love and respect their differences of gender; No matter even if he or she is queer; Every human should be happy and free in their own skin with love and respect. 

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