My seventh and 3rd Meaningful Prediction



This is my Seventh and third meaningful prediction; It is meaningful till the time it won’t occur. I have always mentioned that we all have choices in our life so why not to choose humanity through my predictions. This predictions can jeopardise my life but it can save someone’s life too. I am blessed by almighty so almighty will save me as he saved me many times in the past. 

It could take time to occur or vision could be blurred by other occurrences. It’s not necessary that my predictions will occur in the sequences of the time when I have predicted them. This is my prediction dated 16.10.2017 at 08:11 A.M (GMT-4) New york, USA time.

“It was sorrow in the North Korea, they suffered and stopped believing in almighty because of their sorrow; Nobody to be blame as they are the one who will fail after being successful and that will be end of their sorrow as sorrow will kill its sorrow with the betrayal by the success. Definitely North Korea in new form with the blessings of divinity will emerge as one of the most powerful nation in line with the USA, UK , Italy, UnitedI, RoIslam, Rochina, Germany, Japan etc for the strong Neo-age.”

I am not here to change future or destiny. It’s just we all have choices in our life. Sometime with the good vision we can choose best or better.


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