Ninth Poem ‘ Orange’



I wrote this poems more than a year back for the cause of humanism and london University exams. It is in record so I can publish it publicly. I hope my this initiative in form of poems as ‘God scientist’ help people to live normal life with the perfect balance.


She worked really hard

She picked everyday oranges,

It was orange fields with the

Care of her lovely hands.

Sweet and sour

Red plus Yellow

Drink and Eat,

That was the orange of her care.

Healthy to eat fruit,

Fruit of Hard work was healthy,

It gave me Health of life

That was the Orange of her hard work.

Reminiscent of childhood

Reminiscent of Motherhood

Reminiscent of those fields,

That was the juicy Orange.

Garden of oranges sends me to

the fields of health and care.

Garden of nature sends me to

the oranges of love and life.


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