tenth poem ‘Yellow’

God Scientist

I wrote this poems more than a year back for the cause of humanism and london University exams. It is in record so I can publish it publicly. I hope my this initiative in form of poems as ‘God scientist’ help people to live normal life with the perfect balance.


Today’s Sun is yellow

Its Sunshine is yellow

This summer is Yellow with the

fields of mustard and sunshine.

Nature sprinkles brightness,

Brightness is of the Sunshine.

Nature gives us warmness,

Warmness is of the Care.

Day starts with the sunshine,

It is summer time.

Bright, clean, warm and pure;

It is Time for the summer sun.

Day starts with the hidden Sunshine,

It is rainy time.

Wet emotions of the cloudy sun,

It is Time for the clouds and sun.

Day starts with the Hazy Sun,

It is cold season.

Embrace and Drape into sunshine,

It is Time for the love with the Sun.


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