Twelfth Poem ‘Rainbow’



My parent’s Love rises,

My Sibling’s Care sails,

My spouse’s affection flows,

My Friend’s support falls.

My family comes together,

My relatives comes for gather,

My people comes for us,

This is the brotherhood of my nation.

His passion for me awakes me,

Her care for me irritates me,

His support for me encourages me,

Her envy for me upsets me.

I am in the emotion of the hurt,

I am loved and happy,

I am sad and enjoying bad day,

I am eating fruits of the colourful emotions.

Living relationship of colours,

Envy, anger and warmth of the Red;

Adding to the red is the sweet and sour orange;

Feelings of the vibrant vibgyor,

Green, Orange and yellow come together;

Greenery, fruit and sunshine of the family;

Life is about relationship,

It is the ship of the vivid colours.

Relationship changes with the time,

Violet crosses indigo to become blue,

Child crosses youth to become mature,

Different colourful stages of the relation,

    Different colours Comes together,

Shows their emotions together,

In the different seasons of life,

This is the rainbow of a life.


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