Fifteenth Poem ‘Red’ End of innocence


I am posting two poems together. First one is immature innocence in the form brown and other one is mature sorrow in the form of red. Both colors are related but are covered with the different faces.

Tomorrow I will post my last poem of this category and then I will begin with my real work of God Scientist. Practice makes human perfect.


He was fighting for his nation

Nation was his Creation

His creation was people’s Nation

His act was manhood’s creation,

He created Fight

Fight was his right

Brotherhood was his right,

Why brotherhood in one nation was his right.

One Nation but One Right

One nation but Multiple Right

Multiple Nations with the Multiple Rights,

Did anyone fought for the right.

Blood was Red,

His passion was Red,

Fight for the right was Red,

 Did anyone stopped at the Red Signal.

Why fight becomes Red,

Why mankind becomes Red,

Why liberty becomes Red,

Why to drown in the Red.


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