Fourteenth poem ‘Brown’ innocence

I am posting two poems together. First one is immature innocence in the form brown and other one is mature sorrow in the form of red. Both colors are related but are covered with different faces



I cannot stop myself

It is my favourite

I am only four years old

Sweetness is in my dream


My mother drinks it every day

My dad drinks it sometime

I eat it every day

I share it sometime


My teddy bear is brown

Brown is in the glass of my mom

My dog’s poop is brown and

My chocolate is also brown


Cake is on my face

Cake is in my dream of joy

Cake is bitter, soft and sweet;

Cake is to be thrown on the face


Celebration of work with the pay of brown

Celebration in screams of my life

My Toy house is my super world

Chocolate is my wish for everyday


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