Sixteenth Poem ‘Indigo’ The beginning from the END

This is my last poem of this category. This is just beginning from the End.PicsArt_08-07-03.12.35


I don’t believe in Taboo

I don’t believe in customs

I don’t believe in rituals

I don’t believe in social evils


I believe in the strong society

I believe in the Values

I believe in the almighty

I believe in the Social life


My faith is not taboo

My respect is not customs,

My devotion is not rituals and

I don’t practice social evils


Spirituality is my decoration

Peace is my jewellery

Unity in diversity is my slogan

Values with the Moral is my attire


Drown your humanity in the Indigo,

Indigo of spirituality and conscience

Indigo of love as a social worker,

Indigo is tribute to my humanity.



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