Evolution-1 (Fire)’God The Goodness’


This is not piece of fiction but lost reality in the form of truth which can create better world today. I can decode and prove everything written in this poem. It is the truth which can help humanity to come out of ignorance of Divine Science to build better world. All this posts for the revolutionary movement ‘solution4soul’ by God scientist Dr Wish (Chah Kunwar) is original work  with scientific research, blessings of Almighty and it provides solution for soul to create better world. I can write whole epic literary book but I have summarized everything in the great literary work of poem for easy understanding and quick sneak peek into all unanswered questions of science and God. Potentialities of my posts are unlimited in the form of super-science where Science proves God and God approves science. I will write about potentiality of my theories to create better world in the sixth or seventh post of this category.


Evolution -1 Fire “God ‘The goodness”

He came like a fire of energy,

Out of fire from the fire of Sun,

Fire was everywhere in the lost earth,

Like a lost red planet Mars,

He was sacred, holy and divine like Allah.

Allah with no Jihad,

Allah with no Quran,

Allah with no human made boundaries of religion,

He sat in the centre of the earth like magnet.

Magnet of attraction, 

Magnet of love,

Magnet of seed and,

Magnet of Gravitation.

He created God to create his own kingdom.

God created beautiful world.

Happiness as pure and divine

Goodness as perfect and delight

Creation as beautiful and dreamy

Happiness, Goodness and creation

as the synonym of the paradise.

The eternal immortality

with the eternal beauty of satisfactions.

Beautiful world with no sorrow

Beautiful world with no pain

Beautiful heaven with no matter.

His five creations of divinity

Ether, water, land, fire and air

Sixth one was his own vision.

Laugh, nymph, goddess, purity, Happiness

Goodness And Divinity was everywhere. 

Universe of stars, energy and galaxy 

was the playground and 

the goodness, creation and happiness

of the God were the players.

The age controlled by fire was

Indeed the first stage of evolution.

With the creation of happy soul of the God

With the satisfaction of quenched soul of the God

With the eternal immortality of the soul of God

To see everyday same paradise 

With no happiness changing’

With spotless beauty with same shape’

Smile, beauty, happiness and love

Neither changed nor grew’

Everything was eternal and immortal

Who to feel goodness when everyone was good?

Who to taste happiness when everyone was happy?

Who to see beauty when everyone was beautiful?

Who to know wisdom when everyone was wise?

Who to hear God when everyone said same?

Only Soul ‘the energy, the fire within realised’

Beauty without praise was beauty less

Peace of white energy without colour was colourless

Divinity of God without task of protection was useless’

Beautiful, wise, divine, pure and sweet

He was God and his Goodness

had no meaning as everyone was good. 

God with his Divinity but his creation

of water, fire, earth, ether and air

was also equally divine’

God with his divinity, purity and goodness

but his creation was equally good, divine and pure

then who to glorify him?

Who to create his importance

over his other equal divine creations? 

Who, when, where, why and what to be created

But how was the answer within divinity himself. 

One leg, one arm, one head and one God,

One colour, one goodness, one divinity and one God,

God and his creations sat in the same chair.  

Allah with the eternal immortality was movement less.

The first stage of evolution with the fire of energy

Within soul was ready for the movement’

The movement which moved beauty of the paradise

The movement which moved happiness of the peace

The movement which filled colours in one colour of energy

The movement which channelized eternal immortality

But yes that was the beautiful paradise created by God

Where there was

No hunger, No lust, No thirst, No winter, No summer’

No hunger said No to food

No thirst said No to water

No lust said No to greed

No winter said No to need

No summer said No to fire

That was the beauty of the paradise

With No need, No deprivation and No use

But first stage of evolution controlled by fire’

The fire within the energy

The fire of  the Soul

The fire created by God

That was the Goodness of The God.

to be continued..



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