Evolution-2 Age of Air’ Satan-The balance

evolution2_editedIt seems I am attaining enlightenment while working for the posts of this category. I hope it helps others to come out of ignorance for better happy life. I am connected to God through Soul and anyone can do the same for their all unanswered questions in life. Always remember soul is part of God with no gender, with no colour/race, with no religion, with no nationality so love God with its beauty of Divinity, creativity, happiness and with No Human made sad boundaries.

All this posts are my original work as a God scientist with all scientific evidences. This is not piece of fiction but lost reality in the form of truth which can create better world today. I can decode and prove everything written in this poem. It is the truth which can help humanity to come out of the ignorance of Divine Science to build better world. I hope you like the sneak peek into the work of God scientist.


Evolution-2 Age of Air’ Satan-The balance

God desired movement for its creation.

God required importance for its happiness.

God wished colours for its energy.

The force was of air,

The push and the pull’

Out of the air,

He came like a movement

which spun the whole earth.

Sucking the air from the universe

Beautiful Age of air

The movement by air,

Indeed it was beautiful

With the breathe of Air

Creation was by God in the air’

But air created the Satan.

Out of the movement,

Out of the whirl of wind,

Out of the divinity himself,

He was divine in himself

To create the matter

To create the balance’

That was so colourful.

Beautiful but deceptive

Pleasurable but Greedy

Happy but lustful

Vibrant but with the hidden darkness

Mindful but with the ignored ignorance,

Born with the reality of the Death

Such a Proud of the Satan

What a beauty of the Air!

The emotions in the Air’

With the motion of the Air

The Satan and the Air

The balance and the Goodness’

This Age showed Rich as a Rich,

The Age showed Happy as a Happy,

The Age showed Beauty as a beauty’

That was the Dark truth of the Satan

with its hidden creation of the Balance

Like Sorrow, Agony, Poverty and ignorance.

He was divine in his own way

He was the balance to create other arm

He was the balance to walk’

His creation was the movement,

The movement spun the whole earth

The earth revolved around Allah,

That revolution created time

Beauty of time created the first tear

Sorrow was wrapped in the beauty of tears,

Innumerable Colours in the sky

With the five elements

And the blessings of the God

First time rainbow appeared

Appearance was so cunning

Rainbow welcomed Satan’

The first matter appeared with the Satan,

The air revolved around the soul

The soul of the God was scared

But soul was God’s eternal part

A part Not God himself’

A Soul saw the beauty of the first seed

A Soul blessed it with its own energy

The energy of growth and evolve

Deception was hidden in the birth

Birth was created by the Satan

Birth was blessed by the soul of the God

Birth was life with the breathe of the air

And Energy of the Divine soul’

The soul that evolved matter

But matter was the proud of the Satan,

As the beauty was cursed with the death’

The Death was the balance of the Satan

Colours of rainbow in the whole universe

But only soul saw the dark truth

Hidden as ignorance among the colours

Happiness was inevitable with the air

The air that moved whole earth

The air that worshiped supreme Sun

The air that wanted another earth

Satan was the air in himself

Like fire was the God in himself

Born out of fire, Air was no less

Fire was the soul, energy and Goodness

Air was the matter, colour and the balance

Soon the beauty of the Satan

Created cloud and clouds

The cloud of sorrow

The cloud of tears

The cloud of death

For its matter the Matter

The scream of agony reached the soul

The soul the part of the God’

God came for the protection’

The fire was strong

Pushed hard air under the fire,

Allah intervened as a Dance

Dance was divine like Tandav’

The Tandav of Lord Shiva’

The air, The Satan and The Dance

Dance was divine as it was the balance

The balance that had to live,

The balance that had to survive,

The balance that had to be with the God,

The balance was divine

With its sorrow, pain and agony’

To show the path of the God

The part of the God ‘The Goodness’

His energy and his soul



To be continued…

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