Evolution-3 ‘Water’ ‘Monster ‘the first Balance’

age of water11_edited.jpgI am on the path of the Enlightenment. It is wonderful and key to happiness. Finding key to happiness is very important but more important is to find right lock of sorrow for the same to unlock it with the right key of happiness which I am acquiring through the enlightenment. Be positive in sparrow of sorrow also and learn the sign of God. God is best possible connected through soul. I am kind of bored as I love my life with full of adventure and enjoyment which I am missing due to my work as a God Scientist of Solution4soul. This is my third post of this category. The Third Stage of evolution in which God created monster with the matter of Satan. Human call it dinosaurs in the modern history. Even God know that only physical strength is not enough then why few human forget the same by misusing their physical strength by committing crimes like murder, rape, terrorism, theft etc.

Evolution-3 ‘Water’ ‘Monster ‘the first Balance’

The clouds of tears and sorrow,

Created water everywhere,

The clouds danced with the Tandav’

Tandav ‘The divine dance of Lord Shiva,

It was drowning whole heaven

So the balance was to be created,

The pacification was to freeze’

The freeze of air made it cold,

And fire turned water into the Ice

Like sucking all energy out of

Water, The cloud, Tears and the Dance’

Satan came for the Balance’

As God came for the goodness’

Both together created first living creature

The Balance, Goodness and the Evolution’

Energy of Soul like feelings and

The body of matter like Life’

Tiny Fish evolved as the

Highest form of Matter with the Evolution’

The Evolution ended with the reproduction’

Highest form of Energy to form the soul’

The highest form of evolution with the soul’

The rule of nature said

When evolution is over

Then reproduction is initiated

The hermaphrodite into two genders’

Water, energy and the soul

Water, matter and the birth’

The Soul of God and

The birth of Goddess with

The end of evolution and

The beginning of the reproduction’

The birth was so beautiful’

The beautiful fish with the colours

That evolved into bigger fish

Bigger fish, mammoth and the dragon’

That dragon evolved into monster

The monster even known as a dinosaur’

It did not happened in a day

It took millions of years from the tiny fish

To the monster dinosaurs everywhere’

He was huge who made hole

In the earth beneath the water

The water cold like ice’

Few even called it ice age

It was cold with the air

The air when it danced with the Satan’

The clouds were unstoppable

Like Tandav of lord shiva

which desired to destruct everything’

When Satan ‘The balance

Was pushed by fire ‘The God

Somewhere away from the heaven

But it was the balance

so the task Was done as a balance’

To create evolution in the name

Of monster the highest evolution’

The creation was so wonderful

It was alive with the happiness

But balance created Death for all livings’

Soul in the highest evolution evolved

Evolved to be set free and

Get back to God without deeds

Without curse of the Satan’

To pacify Tandav of Lord shiva’

Nature created balance of ice

That’s why ice age of water everywhere’

Beneath the ice the ball of earth

The ball with the holes in it’

The Holes were big enough

To create the balance between

Fire, earth, water, ether and air’

These holes were like seven Orion

The seven sages in the universe

Such energy of the first creature

With pure air, pure fire, pure earth

Pure ether and pure water’

Made them forceful, strong and monster’

The monster ate everything’

All creatures of its evolution

From fish to mammoth

All were killed by monster’

Then they started eating each other

The burden of monsters was intolerable’

God came for the protection

So the Satan called for the balance,

The Nature with the fury of Monsters’

The fury was the real burden

The burden which cracked whole Earth’

It was the first earth quake of the planet’

Such an apocalypse of the rebirth

Such a beauty of the balance

When water met fire through the cracks’

The water also melted with the fire

Such a melt created oceans

Bringing earth float with the land

Above water and under water’

Earth was no longer ball

With the seven holes turned’

But it was more land with the water

The water and water everywhere’

The water created first creature,

Creature evolved into the monster

With the water and the water ‘

Drowned everyone and almost

Everyone to burn them into fire’

The fire burnt all monsters with the air’

The air had to create balance

So water was everywhere

Such water and an earthquake

Trapped air in the energy of God’

New atmosphere was created’

With all doors closed for the universe

Such a beauty of the Earthquake

which created water everywhere’

Indeed it was the age of water

With the creation and destruction

 of water and the water everywhere’

The monster the dinosaurs’

God got his soul back which

Energized the highest form of evolution,

Satan got its Matter back which

Provided body to the monsters,

Satan and God wondered that

Balance in creation was indeed monster

which brought massive destruction’

Without salvation and without wisdom’

The destruction was indeed massive

The Mass of land floated in that massive’

The destruction destroyed but

Hidden construction was laughing

with the goodness, Balance and the soul.

To be continued…



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