Evolution-4 (Land) Human-The first Goodness’

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This is my fourth post. It is what we are and how we have evolved as a human. My post will answer lot of questions like evolution of human from apes, gender war, future of evolution, Existence of God with Human Science. I have tried my best to summarize my work worth huge epic book in the shortest possible poem. This is work of God Scientist for creation of better world. I can prove and decode whatever I have written in this poem with all scientific Methods and blessings of Almighty.

Evolution-4 (Land) Human-The first Goodness’

 Destruction was everywhere,

What a beauty in it?

Monster ate everything,

And everything ate monster,

Monster even known as dinosaurs’

Satan and God came together’

Again for their work,

The work of creating Goodness’

And creating the balance,

The game of nature

For the pleasure of universe’

That was the beauty of the energy

In the soul of the highest form’

That was the greed of the matter

In the body of the closest form’

Again fish swam in the ocean

Earth was different and shattered’

With the land floating over all

All of it in the ether and the air’

Fire and Magnet with the water

Inside and outside but

Land on the top to be the key’

The key to the hidden beauty

The dwelling for the highest form’

No choice to make it monster’

So soul of God always

Searched God inside the

Matter the body of the Satan’

The Satan the balance’

The God the Goodness’

So fish swam

Egg or chicken’

Definitely science said Egg

So even God’s element said

Egg and only Egg’

Hatched into the body of evolution’

The evolution was beautiful with

Only one hermaphrodite

Male and female both together’

In one body like phallus of the

Lord Shiva and Virgin Mary’

Evolution was in the full bloom

With the Rock cut land and

Shattered land everywhere’

Drowned in the water

Covered with the Air

Nurtured by the Fire

And blessed by the Ether

Such a beauty of the land’

Indeed it was the age of Land

Such a proud of the Land’

Land created Nation and religion

Land created language and race

Such a beauty of the creation’

The creation was the division

Land with its closest’

Land with its Highest’

Evolution near to God

And cursed by the Satan

Such an Evolution on the land’

The formation of land’

Was indeed shattered

Destructive but had its own hidden’

Beauty to rule the planet

In the Age of the Land

Destroyed, Shattered and separated’

Land had its own charisma’

Each part to become new land

In its own way like Nation or

The earthworm with the both sexes’

Nation the creation of the evolution’

Time for monkeys to become Human’

Homo sapiens were indeed

Blessed by the God with the wisdom

Not too big, not too weak

Not too strong, not too scary

Human born out of the evolution

After billions of support’

Support was like ladder

The ladder filled with the creatures’

Like ant to Elephant

Like fish to Ostrich

Like worm to Ape

Human was blessed with

The Wisdom to protect the ladder

Brain to balance the ladder’

Strength to create the transition

Human evolved and evolved

As a human to reproduce’

What a pity Human with both

the genders male and female’

Reproduction was inevitable’

After reaching highest evolution

In the form of human’

Human became Men but

Not women and Only Men’

Male with its energy

Reproduced his own God’

The God of creation

Not the God of eternity’

Mermaid with the half men

Horse with the half human

Fairies with the half bird’

The balance knew that

It was not his God’s creation’

Human created its own creation’

Half Human and Half animal

Animal like bird and reptile’

All spoiled and animal with

Other half animal like chimera’

Half bird and half lion’

Highest form created imbalance’

The imbalance against God

The imbalance ignoring Satan

Adam was called to the

 Garden of the Eden’

Satan as the balance’

And the serpent made the

Fruit of passion sweet’

Adam was blessed with the

Energy ‘the energy to create

Energy of the soul

The soul like shakti

Shakti the strength’

Born out of Adam was

Indeed beautiful and

To attract Men with no

Men wandering to other

Creatures of the ladder’

The ladder even known as

The ecosystem of the balance’

And the goodness of the Nature’

Eve was beautiful but had

No consciousness like Adam’

No evolution like Adam’

Born directly out of Adam

was an advantage with

No ladder and No ecosystem’

She was different

She was lust

She was greed

She was the energy’

The energy born out of Adam

By the Adam, for the Adam

And with the Adam’

The serpent created balance

As the energy born out

Of Adam was Energy in

Itself with NO ladder

So Eve ate fruit to be

Cursed and to give her energy’

The energy was given in blood

The blood even known as menses

The curse which forbids

Blood to enter God

The blood of curse and

The blood of Satan’

The blood of sorrow and

The blood of reproduction’

The blood made women weak’

If Men are special creature

With his strength and wisdom’

Than women with her blood and

 Evolution in her own form’

Women was cursed with the blood’

The blood that made her

Weak in her fertile years’

The years from puberty to

The years of menopause’

Evolution never stopped even

After dinosaurs were born’

So the human was born’

Women are also human

So they also evolved

With the Adam rejecting the curse’

The curse which made women

A thing, the lust and

The machine for reproduction’

Evolution is inevitable from

The energy to fire

Fire to air and

Air to water so the water

To land and land to the ether’

The transition phase of ether

Began with the evolution of women’

The women born directly out

Of men and for the men’

The transition is freedom’

The evolution is civilization’

The Goodness is progresses

The balance is renaissance’

The renaissance is the women’

The women as more human

Than more being women so’

is the men being human’

The human with the Eve in it.


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