Evolution-5 Age of Ether ‘Transition’


This is our Past, present and Future. This is the Road to revolution, evolution and the progress. This is the Balance of Satan for the Goodness of God.


Evolution-5 Age of Ether ‘Transition’

I’ the Age of ether’

Age of transition’

Silence in the wind’

The wind created

By the force of nature’

The nature of Energy’

The energy of air, water

Fire, earth and the ether’

Yes the ether and the ether’

Ignored but the truth’

Science but the miracle of

The truth, the ether and the God’

This is the transition phase’

Women the creation of Human

Women in the black and the

Atmosphere is black like hijab’

Women in light and the

Atmosphere is light like brothel’

The Greed of lust,

The strength of power,

And the imperialism of Gold’

The Gold, the diamond and

The Jewels for the reproduction’

From the womb, the curse

The civilization and the evolution’

The silence is in the wind

Human with men and women’

They grow and grew their

Tools, knowledge and science

Created religion and

Divided God’

Created science and

Ignored Satan’

Created love and

Humiliated Energy’

The Soul within men and

The soul inside the women’

Soul always wants God

But when soul is lost

Then it is like lost God

Even known as Ghost’

The silence is in the wind

He cried and cried’

He was Satan who

Was demon, king, leader

And various colourful forms’

He took birth on the earth

Among His own balance

Of Human and more human

To create the balance’

The balance of Goodness’

He cried and cried

Under the feet of Divine’

The Divine Almighty

Like Lord Jesus’

Why God Crucified by

His own creation for

The balance, the goodness

And the evolution’

Sins are not strong to

Harm God so it is myth’

The prophecy of human’

Not words of God in

The Bible like words in

The Bhagavad-Gita but Holiness

Of Bhagavad-Gita lost in

The ghost of the prophecy too’

Good in the ancient time,

The arrival of Muhammad

The prophecy to claim

The Allah but Allah the Energy

Not the human enough to describe;

The world of human

Allah is for everyone not

Only for the world of Human’

So why human divided Allah

By creating holy Quran

Definitely Age of Land

Know only one thing to

Divide, Divide and Divide

The Divide and the rule

The Market, the Economy and

The Ether everywhere’

The coins made noise

And the Ether made noise too’

The phone made sound

And the ether made sound too’

That’s the beauty of

The Age of the Ether’

Missiles in the Sky,

Tankers on the land,

Boats over the water,

Blast with the fire,

That’s the beauty of the Ether’

The silence is in the Wind

Satan cried and God

Laugh, laughed and laughing’

God wanted to taste sorrow

So he did and

He tastes humanity’

He saw poverty and

He sees grief’

He touched pain and

He feels death’

He listened to Agony and

He hears scream’

The odour of the dirt, pollution

Reached God too’

Not for the Sin but he crucified

With his own wish, proud

Goodness and The balance’

To see for what God

Is prayed and worshiped’

To feel for what God

Is rejected and ignored’

To taste for what God

Is remembered and called’

To hear for what God

Is humiliated and objectified

To smell for what God

Is turned into Ashes and Science’

Two thousand years passed

Satan cried as his God

Always born as a King

Turned himself into real

Human because he wanted

To experience his proud and

Glory, the glory of Goodness’

Satan in the form of Human

As a Ravana in the Ramayana’

Satan in the form of Human

Like his innumerable forms to

Experience his balance’

Sent by God to create

The platform for the Dance’

The Dance of God himself’

The God like Lord Jesus

Back to the world of human

To create the balance in

His own Goodness of Evolution’

So here I tell you

Welcome to his world

The Age of Ether’

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