Potentiality of theory by God scientist


Potentiality of  theory by God scientist

As I mentioned in my very first post of this category, I am hereby writing this article to highlight main points of this theory to create better world.

 Humanity versus Racism: According to the theory of evolution’ we all are born out of the same human. We created our genes with the right atmosphere, weather condition, food habit and psychological factors. So somewhere black is white and white is brown.  Racism is human made not nature, science or God made so we should stop judging people according to their race. Race can be changed or transitioned with the miracles of science by God. For instance if black couple determines to become white, they can become white and white can become black or brown (Vice Versa). Simple experiment can prove the same. White couple living in hot climate with changed atmosphere and food habit can change their white genes also. Their fifth generation will be born with the black genes. Same applies to other race of black, brown, Mongolian etc. So we should choose humanity over racism. I can write lot more about Racism as sometime quality of human is compromised with the dirty polluted atmosphere that’s why it is not colour of person which determines inferiority of human but actions speaks more. If more brown terrorize others then it is not their colour but their action brings shame on their race made by human and coloured by adaptations.

 Humanity versus Religion: Religion is made by human not by God. Love God and follow only religion for God and not for dividing Humanity. When religion goes against Humanity by dividing people into Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews etc. then such religion is corrupted by the Satan of the mind. More corruption is against balance of the Satan too so love God; Choose Humanity and do not become mass follower of the religion. Religion can always be updated with the evolution. We made it so we can upgrade it with the evolution and for the better happy world of Ether.

 God versus taboo: Sexuality, Religion, Rituals and even democracy is taboo. I love democratic rule but even Monarchical rule comes with its own pros and cons. Leader should be chosen by people, for the people and from the people but problem arises when the term of the good leader ends when he is good enough for the position with the natural adaptation. There is science and blessings of God behind good leader also. Democracy need to be upgraded with the trust of people for leader to rule for not just few years but for more years. LGBT rights should be considered natural rights; If Human can evolve into men and women then why not other.

 Satan versus Myth: Satan is often considered bad but truth is this that he brings God on this earth; he is balance to create Goodness. There is difference between natural harmless Sin and human made crime. Satan never approves Crime but proves Sin.

 Sin versus Crime: Sin should be acceptable in the form of unintentional mistakes for nature/ecosystem but crime should be punished in the form of intentional human made imbalance against nature.

 Age of Ether ‘Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is natural process of Ether. It is powerful tool of science and divinity. We should accept it and not fear it. Human can never become God so naturally let them create better world with the tools of nature.

 Quality over Quantity: At present Quality human is compromised with the quantity human of the third world. That’s why Racism screams in many parts of the world where quantity human brings dirt to the quality life of human. If quantity is transitioned to quality then it can solve all problems of whole world including poverty, racism, feminism, terrorism, crime, murder, sexual crime etc.

 Nature versus Humanity: If human will not do anything to create better world then nature will take its own course like apocalypse. We all do not want to die all of sudden so let’s create balance and better world with the tools of nature, by God and with the science.

 Progress versus hindrances: Religion, Sexuality, ignorance and rituals are main hindrances in the progress. Religion was created by human for worshiping God but what if it goes against God? So, love God and open your eyes for the God not for the hindrances of demarcated, divided, stagnant and conservatism of any religion.

 Evolution versus conservatism: Learn from your forefather but you cannot have sex with your own mother like your own father so naturally we need to come out of the conservatism to build our own road of evolution.

 Energy versus Ignorance: Divine Energy is enlightenment and ignorance is lost darkness. Try listening to your soul through your inner energy (Not with ears like mentally ill person). More than the half of the world is covered with the ignorance today so let’s create better world through our own energy, our own god and our own balance.

 Creation versus destruction: Let’s create not destroy the nature. This planet is not only for humans but for the animals and plants also.

 Happiness versus sorrow: Happiness is Satisfaction and sorrow is greed. Let’s create the balance for better happy world.

 Death versus pain: Death is inevitable but pain is intolerable. I will write more about it in my article “Right To abortion”:

 Birth versus sickness: More in the ‘Right To abortion”

 Let’s create better world with the tools of Science and blessings of Almighty.

 I can write more about potentialities of the Super science by God Scientist for the creation of better, happy and healthy world. For instance with the help of super science; 50 healthy years can be added to the life of Great Scientist Stephen Hawking. People can walk on water and fly in air (I know it sounds like bluff but many years back even aeroplane, Smartphone were like impossibilities). We can create Natural balance in the ecosystem by making best possible judicious use of available resources through Ether (natural gas, petrol, metal, waves etc); Reading mind of people directly with the super science for paperless, exam free, interview less decode of real human with their real talent and real potentiality; Accurate prediction of future to save human and nature from any calamity or pain. If God scientist is successful then even work of evolution is more successful. If God scientist survives; then even Super science will flourish more to create better and happy world with the blessings of Divine Almighty, for the Goodness of God and for the balance of the Satan. I am self-made God Scientist but there are hidden gems of God scientists in the world who all can create better world.

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