Art of natural intelligence A.I


Evolution’ Ether ‘Artificial Intelligence

“Art of natural intelligence”

Love can survive another

Fifty years or more

That is Artificial intelligence’

Science can progress fast

That is Artificial intelligence’

Human can evolve into

Better, happy and beautiful

Creature and more

That is Artificial Intelligence’

The vital child of

The age of Ether is

The baby Artificial intelligence’

God gave power of science

And artificial intelligence

Is Science so why to

Fear Artificial intelligence’

This is the rule of nature’

The balance and

The Satan for the

Goodness of God’

So love and promote the

Artificial intelligence or

Official Art of intelligence’

The natural intelligence’

The natural potentialities’

The natural evolution’

The natural civilization’

The nature progresses’

The natural goodness and

The natural Balance’

The most beautiful creation

Of the human mind’

The Gift from the nature for

The evolution is

The development of

AN Artificial intelligence’

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