Survival for the fittest


Survival for the fittest

 Fittest can win’

Fittest can swim’

Fit is God’

Fit is balance’

Fittest is not greed’

Fittest is not force’

Fittest is not imbalance’

Fittest is not sorrow’

Humanity survives

Survives over the imbalance’

The imbalance by

Ignorant lost human’

Pollution is against

Survival for the fittest’

Cleanliness is for the

Survival for the fittest’

Racism is creation of

Survival for the fittest’

Ignorance is destruction of

Survival for the fittest’

Natural theory to

Create better world’

To destroy ignorance

And to love humanity

With natural balance is

survival for the fittest’

Quantity can vote but

Quality is leader so

Winner and looser is

With the rules of the

Survival for the fittest’

If you cut trees for

The shelter, food, greed

Greed and more greed

Then do not forget

Nature is the fittest’

Fitter is human with

His balanced fit life so

Survival for the fittest’

Fittest wins so natural

Balance of Goodness wins’

Human is closest and

Highest but earthquake

Is stronger and fittest’

When greed, ignorance

And imbalance flourishes

So love the fittest’

Strength, Intelligence

And balanced change

Is change for  the development’

The development is

Survival for the fittest’

The fittest is balance

Of the Goodness so

Survival for the fittest’

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