The Black Coffin

black coffin


The Black coffin

When you are branded

As third world then

You should know that

You are not human and

Other human but world

Covered under black coffin’

The black coffin

Which says NO

To progress’

The black coffin

Which says NO

To the development’

The black coffin

Which says NO

To the evolution’

The black Coffin

Which covers body

Like Burqa and veil’

The black coffin

Which covers atmosphere

Like dirt and pollution’

The black coffin

Which covers like

Ignorance and imbalance’

Clothes are comfort

Protection and beauty’

Uniform for classification

Is human management

Status and freedom’

But dress code is dead

Suffocation of black coffin’

Female covered under

Dress code of black

Coffin and yes others

Of White and saffron’

To prevent his lust’

And killing her real

Freedom, beauty

And fashionable humanity

That is the black coffin’

Birth giver, mother of all

Living life of black coffin’

Life draped in compromise’

Compromise is sometime beauty’

Compromise is sometime religion’

Compromise is sometime happiness’

Laugh on death is sorrow’

Wearing death is not happiness’

The age of Science and

Super science calls for revolution’

The evolution which is dead

In the black coffin

Of the dress code and

Not just dress code but

Red signal to the evolution,

Revolution, progress and

Against the God and

Against the Allah’

Superficial holy book

Like black coffin’

Ignorant human like

Ash of God’s word in

The holy book’

Kill the cover of

Black coffin and

Let the evolution begin

To the Ether age’

If human will not help

Then nature will help

Like in the age of

Dinosaurs with the great


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