Letter to God


Letter to God

I feel I am growing every day. Age is just number. Sex is part of life not life. Lucky to be protected, blessed and helped by God. This article ‘I am dedicating to my God, your God and our God. We all have energy, soul and God to help us. I would love to see if someone’s God listens to my God. I love myself as I am not body with soul but soul with the body. I believe in survival for the fittest where I can do anything for my soul; for the God’ the Energy and the Balance for the Goodness.

Dear God,

 You always helped me whenever I wanted you in my life. I don’t want to live life of compromise. I hate dirt so I hate quantity over quality. Please help me to get out of the land where people judge me through vagina or want to see my only vagina. To get rid of compromise I can’t take help of other compromise especially when it is same kind of dirt. Compromise can be enjoyment and pleasure If it is worth something n life for the purpose, the balance and the goodness. I am human with not only vagina but I have wisdom, talent and other blessings;  all are going waste as people in the land where I live are concerned more about my vagina. Oh God I have vagina, brain, legs, hands, eyes, kidney, liver etc but I am not vagina.  I can’t eat, wear, breathe, do and see whatever I can do as human for my goodness and others goodness. Every day is a day of compromise with my taste and preferences and killing my all desires as my normal human rights blessed by you God. There is life waiting for me better than what I am living on the piece of land where cloud of ignorance in the form of religion, dress code, food, conservatism and crime is killing my body every day. I know dissatisfaction is in all land but progress is more in developed over third world. Please help. Please help me God. Please help me God. I want what you showed to me. I was ready to compromise on this land but you never let me compromise. You showed me the path but now you have to give me direction and energy to walk on that path. Please help me God to not waste what you gave me. My soul is quality so please show direction to the body which is only mere quantity right now in the overpopulated land like land of anthill or hill which is created by one snake and destroyed by many snakes born out of the same snake. I can do anything possible in my hand for my soul ‘the goodness and balance’ and the survival. Bisexuality is my freedom not compromise. Talent, blessings, knowledge is my Gift not waste. Wisdom is my life not Death. I am happy to have you as my family, friend and love today. I do not want anything more but my body as a social animal want to enjoy relationships and other ships created by you which include survival for the fittest.

I hope God listens to my prayer. 😉

Love you God

Your Child

Chah Kunwar

Dr Wish


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