Please don’t get confused with Islamic Allahism with Allahism by God scientist. Once it will gain popularity then I am very much sure that ‘allahism’ by god Scientist will also have a clear meaning in any dictionary.

Birth of Allahism: People asked me my religion many times. I am God scientist and I believe in one God which unites humanity. I never confined myself to any religion as I feel that religion always divided people and thus dividing humanity but my God or our God unites humanity that’s the reason many people are losing their faith in the God as God of the religion divides people and creates sorrow in the atmosphere through Jihad or any kind of religious rituals which includes keeping women in the cage of conservative and non-progressive thoughts.

So, if it is necessary to give name to faith; identify my faith;  live and respect for God who unites world instead of dividing people, land or anything then I name  my love for God as a Allahism. Allah is one of the most sacred name or depiction of God which never took form of any sorrow but gave birth to sorrow, happiness, goodness and balance. Allah means to unite breathe (aah)’ the breathe which connects matter to soul; The breathe which connects every soul; The breathe which connects everyone to the God; The breathe which is source of all emotions. ‘Al’ is Arabic word for ‘the’ and aah is common exclamatory word in all languages for breathe and emotions. ‘Ism’ is added to word Allah to give it flow among followers. The best ‘ism’ over other ‘isms’  like terrorism, Judaism, imperialism.

So welcome to Allahism.

Principles of Allahism: Allahism is the progressive faith to show love for God, goodness and his balance. The father of Lord Jesus and spiritually lord Jesus in itself as every matter is made of an atom so every divine soul from Allah himself.

No dress code in Allahism: Burqa or nudity is accepted for comfort like protection from winter/summer and feel good factor. In fact Allahism rejects all kind of attires which covers the true soul to reach God in name of anything. Bare your soul. Disrobe soul of dress covered in ignorance.

Evolution and progress: Allahism is the most progressive faith of the world with no turn back to culture which stops human to evolve into better human. Our heart and Our soul is our holy book. If we vow anything on it then we know Allah is watching our deeds and will always keep us and others happy.

Unity: Allahism knows no boundaries which divide human. We can love our God in any form like Lord krishna, Lord Jesus, Sun, moon and Allah himself but without any boundaries of religion which divides our own God too. If we worship him, he can be in any form like we can be black, white, brown but we all are same as we all are human. So any form but all are same God.

Science: we strongly believe in Science, reasoning, logic and progress with Ether.

Happiness: live and let live. We can never harm anyone. God needs no protection from his creation; In fact he protects his creation so if he is crucified then it is his choice as nobody can harm him. We believe in happiness which is to be increased with every other colour of the world.

Pleasure: pleasure is enjoyment and source of happiness. It is even source of reproduction thus bringing evolution, progress and civilization on the Earth. Pleasure knows no force, no boundaries, not confined to particular gender. Pleasure is freedom, love, respect and progress in its own and various forms. All LGBT are considered pure and contribution to progress in Allahism.


Punishment: we love God and all crimes are punished by law, natural law and justice of God. Mature minds are to be educated by God not by other human but children are always welcome to educate by Allahism to avoid any crime in future. Sin for balance is acceptable but crime for imbalance is forbidden in Allahism.

Global world: we promote one language, one progressive nationhood, familiar comfortable attire, enjoyable free life, and enlightened thoughts without ignorance, progressive mind to unite people under Allahism for better, happy, progressive and divine world

I think it is enough for today as Allahism believe in progress so like minded people who love God and want real happiness in life can contribute to Allahism. It is not necessary to be God scientist to believe in Allahism. Any human with true love for God, the God which unites everyone is part of Allahism.

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