Find Help and Happiness



‘Life is battle ground for happiness, sadness and innumerable emotions. If we were so good then we were supposed to be in the heaven not on the planet Earth’

I am spiritual consultant for life and happiness.

# Online platforms like email or whatsapp is best to contact me with your any kind of problem. I will revert back according to my expertise.

My expertise is in Clairvoyance/prediction, solution for confusion/depression, consultation for happiness, Online advice for life, spiritual work, magnet yoga, brand modeling, paranormal science and miscellaneous counseling. 

I am born with the sixth sense, blessed with the Divine Wisdom and tagged as lucky charm. 

My knowledge is not only confined to degrees which I have secured in my life but my immense work and life experiences help people to share their normal day to day problems with me. I have lived what others have lived and faced what others have faced so I can understand it and provide solution for their problems.

I am spiritual person, clairvoyant, qualified solution provider and experienced life consultant to provide the solution; It’s my experience  that the people around me always find my solution helpful. They call me angel,they call me Bodhi tree, they call me lucky charm, they call me life changer, they call me wise multi talented Life Consultant. 😉 

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