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God Scientist

“If I Wear Bikini, Burqa(veil) or go nude; My soul will remain same; So why to Judge superficially”

I am God Scientist Dr Wish (Chah Kunwar). I am born in poor nation to realise meaning of deprivation and crime but crime is everywhere in this world. No human Land is untouched by CRIME. I tasted a little bit of crime which revolved mainly around my Vagina that’s why I titled first category of my posts as ‘Yes, I M VIRGIN’; All the posts of this category is my proud, love and respect for God to show me the real world, Protect me from the cruel World; It is not about virginity from vagina but it is more about virginity from the soul. Second Category of posts written by God Scientist  in the form of ‘Poems’ depicts normal Human Thoughts for the healthy Society. Third category of posts depicts divine blessings, Scientific Visions and more in the form of ‘My Nine Predictions’ (one can visit solution4soul.com to know more about my all previous Posts and category)

Fourth Category of Posts (Evolution) will reveal all truth about God, Satan, world, Soul, Science and everything which can create better world in the form Of ‘GOD and Science’ with the real ‘Solution4soul’

I was raised in the tourist place to realise importance of Global culture. I am now global Human to create better world with my Position of God Scientist. As a God Scientist, I have started revolutionary movement of ‘Solution4soul’. I am directly connected to God; Happy to do his task for creating better world with the tools of Science and blessings of God. I am here to recreate Faith in the God for better world over blind Faith in the God. Soul need help, it is corrupted with the ignorance and limitations of science and Divinity. ‘Solution4soul’ by God Scientist provides solution for soul to create better world with the  true knowledge of Science and God. Love and respect comes from the soul for God which we can see in the various forms like Mosque, Temple, Church, Eid, Chritsmas, Diwali, Devotion, Chanting, Prayer. In ignorance and doubts we have corrupted our systems of God and science. That’s why many believe that there is no existence of God in this world and such people are lost where they are unknowingly and unintentionally getting into the imbalanced world of crime not the balanced world of sins.

As a God Scientist I can connect science and God to recreate pure faith over blind faith.

As a God Scientist I can prove Existence of God with the tools of Science.

As a God Scientist, I can create a happy soul for the happy life.

As a God Scientist I can help people to come out of sorrow in any form.

As a God Scientist I can bring criminals out of their ignorant and lost life.

As a God Scientist I will create Natural balance of Sins and Goodness for the better world.

I have not become God Scientist in just one day. I am born to be God Scientist. I am the blessed one who was lost in the materialistic world. From since Childhood I was able to feel energy around me. I tried to elope from the materialistic world at the age of 8 but as a minor I was protected by my people. I grew up in an isolation, tried to stay away from materialistic world but pleasures are inevitable so I remained confused with my life. As a Child I always remained hungry for knowledge. Even after earning lot of certificates in innumerable courses I remained unsatisfied with my knowledge. I did PhD in HR management, History (Hons.), Master in social work, Post graduation in Public Relations, Post Graduation in International Business Law, Studied English Language for two years from London University, ‘Learning, problem solving and decision-making’ courses from California University, ‘Creativity’ Course from ‘The state University of New York’, ‘ Personal Branding’ Course from ‘The University of Virginia’, For my spiritual interest I did Mastery in spiritualism and Metaphysical science.

Even after all this courses which most of them I studied simultaneously through distant learning with my passion of social work and spiritual life; I remained unsatisfied with my knowledge. In deep meditation I was able to connect my soul with divinity so alas I acquired real knowledge with no certificate but self-satisfaction which I can prove with my further scientific research. My knowledge will evolve and grow with time as per divine blessings and scientific directions in life.

I want to help society/soul with my blessings, knowledge as I am even passionate social worker. I always wanted to do something for the society. Since my adolescent years, I participated in various Social activities like educating slum dwellers, women welfare, reaching out to poor and helping blind children. For my Passion for the social work, I actively participated in the various events organised for social awareness by social organizations like UNICEF, Government, International NGO and other reputable social organizations.

My passion of social work was not well-recognized though I acquired a lot of certificates for social work; so I decided to give it shape in the form of my own government registered NGO of SAFED. My own NGO taught me lot about deprivation, ignorance, blind faith, poverty and sorrow; and introduced me to the crime world. When I started spending more time with the spiritual work and establishing connection with the God by staying in spiritual and sacred ashram all alone then I decided to give up my NGO in 2015 to another NGO Indiaredefined.org

Now I know, I am supposed to dedicate myself for God’s Task and I am fulfilling it through my revolutionary movement of ‘solution4soul’. I now know the balance between materialistic world and spiritual life. Earlier due to ignorance and confusions in life, I was not able to do justice with materialistic and spiritual life. There should be balance between everything. It is like medicine with no overdose or less Dose.

Let’s create better world with the revolutionary movement of ‘Solution4soul’ by God Scientist Dr Wish (Chah Kunwar)

I will post my proof for the existence of God; Connection between science and God; Balance of sin and Goodness; Imbalance of Crimes against both Satan and God; The path of evolution for the happiness, better life and healthy world.

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