“Science proves God and God approves Science,

Smartphone is miracle then Divine Energy is Science,

Let’s create better world with the God and Science

by recreating Faith in the God over blind faith and ignorance.

The Corrupt System is of Soul Where God meets Science”


Solution4soul or solution for soul is the revolutionary movement by God Scientist Dr Wish (Chah Kunwar) to change world into better place.

Logo of this movement depicts Divine Scientific Union, Balanced Tri Star of Satan and God with the beautiful colourful world round in the happiness of ignorance and energy. This is the third vision of soul to create better world.

Logo says everything about this movement but it is better to explain it in better human words.

Happiness is now days incurable or you can say same about sorrow. People with money, fame and power feel that they are not happy. People in poverty feel same in deprivation.  My scientific research and connection with divinity says that our soul is not happy so we do not feel happy even if body is beautiful, healthy, rich and famous. If soul is happy then even poor body can be happy. There is solution for sad Soul in the form of revolutionary movement ‘solution4soul’

People are lost in the darkness of ignorance. They want to love, respect and come close to  the God in the form of celebration (EID, Christmas, Diwali etc.), in the form of visits ( Mecca, Medina, Ganges, Church, Temple, Gurudwara etc.), in the form of rituals ( Jihad, prayer, worship, Baptism, Fast, Donation etc.) but still they fail to trust God completely. This story is not about today but it started since the time highest and closest being in the form of Human being was created by God on this earth. In doubt they crucified Lord Jesus, gave pain of forest to Lord Rama etc. There is solution for doubts, ignorance and mistakes of the soul in the form of revolutionary movement ‘solution4soul’.

This is the time, when according to the rule of Nature, Human should create better world. The answer for all hindrances in the evolution of humanity to create better place is in the form of Solution by the soul, with the soul and for the soul.

My soul says God is in every form, I should not commit any crime but body says Science cannot prove God so better to be lost in the darkness of ignorance which creates pleasurable or ignorant Crimes against Balanced Sins of Satan created by Supreme Divinity to balance God. The truth is ‘Science can Prove God so why to live life of lie.’  Let’s create the balance in the world between Science and God; Sins and Goodness; Satan and Almighty for better evolved world with the movement of ‘Solution for soul’ by God Scientist Dr Wish (Chah Kunwar)

Join the movement for God by simply following ‘solution4soul’ through any of the below mentioned scientific tools. My posts and your support in any form will create and strengthen the movement of ‘Solution4soul’. Let’s make world better place with the hidden, lost and unused Energy of Our Soul.


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